Photo's to Inspire - Fall Colors

A couple of weeks ago DJ from Eye Shutter to Think commented on how nature is her source of inspiration. You can see that in the pieces she sells her Etsy Shop.
I too enjoy nature and this is my favorite time of the year, so today's photo's are of beautiful fall foliage from the pages of Flickr.

Autumn Lake by Shaeker59

Seoraksan10-08 029 by wisejeffery's photostream

Thanks DJ for the inspiration this week.

Leave me a comment on what inspires you, and I will share with everyone that you were the source of inspiration for the photo's in the post.

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  1. I would have to say that what inspires me and 'moves' me more than anything else in nature... are the tiny things in nature ie; little frogs, little sea creatures, tiny bugs and beetles etc... they touch a very deep part of me when I see them up close :)

  2. wow, doesn't fall have such beautiful colors? my favorite is the orange by mensinger. breath taking.


  3. Verry pretty photos!
    I love the fall. But not like it is today: Raining!

  4. How gorgeous. This being my first real fall season being out of the subtropical climate I'm obsessed with fall pictures and leaves and colors. It is quickly becoming my favorite season.


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