Doing Business on the Road

I don't do a lot of shows and selling online has been really slow this summer, so I decided to do something I have never done before an impromptu show. Check out Saturday's post Last Minute Show and read all about how I pulled it all together.

It was a success. We only had a few people show up, but they came and spent. There were no displays or anything fancy, and it took about 10 minutes to set everything up. I had bags and boxes of items so it was easy for everyone to dig through to find some items they wanted. Everyone enjoyed the process of just relaxing, talking, and checking out all my pieces.

I also did a drive by, one of our friends could not make it on Sunday so I packed up my truck and sold out of the back of my truck in her parking lot. It seemed strange to do this but I sold a few items and no one seemed to mind hanging out in the parking lot.

This was a unique showing for me. I prefer things to be set up neat,with displays, so it is easy for everything to be seen, but it worked. I made the goal I set for myself and a little extra.

I think I might have to try that again next time I go visit my parents.

What is the most interesting show setup you have ever done?

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