Business Tip Tuesday - Try Something New

Last week I was on the road for a couple of days and I decided, last minute, to do a showing of my jewelry. I have never done an impromptu showing like that before, but I needed to raise some money and and I thought why not.

You can read about how it all came about in the post Last Minute Show and how it all turned out in this post Doing Business on the Road. It turned out better then I planned, and I was very happy that I gave it a try.

It did get me thinking that I don't do enough out of the box thinking and trying new things. So I am going to commit to trying something new every month. I am going to do dome brainstorming to come up with some unique ideas.

Lets all brainstorm together and come up with some new ideas for getting the word out about our business, doing a show, or making our shops better. Leave a comment, share an idea, and then stop back and see if you can find a new idea you can use.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are best, and the more we share the more ideas we have to build on, helping us all step out of the box and try something new.

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