Accessory Style - Stacked Braclets

The hot new trend for spring & summer 2009 is stacked bracelets.

Update your wardrobe with bangles and cuffs putting a new spin on wearing jewelry.
♦Do all one color in different sizes and shapes
♦Create texture by mixing your prints (zebra, tiger, and wood)
♦Wear a tight cuff with a loose bangle
♦Wear gold, silver, copper and brass together
♦Stack up skinny bangles with beaded bracelet, charm bracelets, and a bangle
The combinations are limitless. Create your own look, mix the bracelets you have with some fun new styles from Etsy or 1000 Markets.
Don't forget you can stack your necklaces too. Wear two or three at a time and instantly create a new look.

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  1. Looks like I'm in before I realize I was in. Lol
    Thats usually the way it goes!
    Thanks for sharing :D

  2. I just absolutely adore bracelets, please look at my blog for gorgeous homemade bracelets.


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