Men and Shopping

Do you like to shop?

Most women enjoy the process of shopping. The biggest thrill for women is the hunt, and for some they will do whatever it takes to find just the right item. Most men prefer to get in the store, quickly find what they need, and leave, but things are changing.

Oddly enough in this economy, men are paying more attention to their appearance. Men need to look the part to keep their jobs, get in line for a promotion, or to find a new job. Men are becoming more fashionable and they want something different. They are looking at handcrafted item more now then ever before.

Men like to shop online. It's convenient and a time saver. They can do their hunt on their time and buy when they are ready. Men don't care much about policy's or customer feedback, they want detailed information about the product they are purchasing and to know what it's going to do for them.

A study commissioned by GQ Magazine found that 84% of men said they purchase their own clothes and accessories, compared to 65% back in 2002. Retailers surveyed said that 52% of their male customers were stopping into their shops at least once a month. Now is the time to start marketing to men. Letting them know that shopping handmade is the where they can find those unique looks they are looking for to stay on top.

Do you market to men?

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  1. wow only 62% used to buy their own clothes? my hubby buys his own clothes 100% of the time, unless he gets a gift of clothing...he is not so much in to shopping, but when he shops he always buys the good stuff, they last longer he says, specially in these economic times, one can not go out and buy things often...I love to shop, and yes often it is all about the hunt for me...

  2. I love to shop too, and yes the hunt is the best part!

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