Creativity Boost

Want to jump start your creativity?

Take a break.

Sometimes when you spend a lot of time working on a project or a new ideas, and you don't like anything you create, that's when its time to walk away and take a break. Have you ever noticed that some of your best ideas come when you are out shopping, or in the shower, or even at an event? Well that's because when we are not concentrating on a project our mind is relaxed and can see those blocked ideas freely.

When I need a break I go to the library or the bookstore. I read magazines and look at books of art in all different mediums sketching ideas as they come to me. Usually come home with the idea I need to finish my project and several more to start future projects.

Figure out the best place to let your mind relax. It might be cooking, playing in the park, sitting by a lake, or going to a museum, whatever it is take the time to recharge your minds creative bank and let your creativity start flowing.

Want to read more ideas to boost your creativity check out last weeks post Step out of your Comfort Zone.

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