Business Tip Tuesday - Newsletters

Do you send a newsletter?

I have been thinking about doing a newsletter, and in my research I found this list of interesting ideas for newsletter content. Sometimes the hardest part of doing a newsletter is coming up with ideas.

Newsletter ideas:
-Talk about your work
-An event you participated in or helped with
-Donations you have made
-Do an interview
-Review a book, a art collection, or show
-New material you are using
-How to care for your art
-Calendar of upcoming events
-Awards you have received
-Share great websites, blogs, helpful and fun links

Even if you don't do a newsletter these are ideas that would work just a well as a blog post on your blog. Need more blog ideas check out this post - Blog Ideas.

Do you have any other ideas for good newsletter content?

I would love to get your feedback! Share your experience's with putting out a newsletter.

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  1. My first e-mail newsletter was well received and it allowed me to reach a lot of folks who had ordered in the past but who don't keep up with FB, twitter, Etsy or my blog.

    As far as content, I kept it very short and put some photos of new items I had created since their first orders and put information about what I would be doing in April, mainly Mother's Day gift sets.

    I noticed a direct correction in an increase in traffic at my Etsy shop (I used MailChimp and it allows Google analytics) and had several people tell me they forwarded the newsletter to friends.

  2. Hi MoogieX,

    Sounds like you have found success doing a newsletter. I want to start one, but I don't want to be spread too thin. How often do you send out your newsletter?

    Thanks for sharing!


Your thoughts and ideas are an important part of the conversation, thanks for sharing!