New Year, New Workspace, New Plan

If you read my previous post about my workspace you know I like it when my workspace is a little messy as you can see from the top photo. Well I have spent the last week cleaning, reorganizing, and buying new shelves and office supplies so I can start the New Year off right. Here is a photo of my new cleaned work surface and soon I will have my entire office moved and everything will be all in one place. Hopefully all this work will pay off to help me achieve my goals for 2009.

My basic plan for the new year:

Better Organized
Stay on top of paperwork
Keep all my online shops updated and well stocked
Blog regularly
Market everyday
Basically create a business that will let me work full time creating while becoming financially stable.

Check out the Laurel Plum blog for some great tips on setting goal for 2009.

I wish everyone success in 2009!

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