Artist to Know - Tony Orrico

I have never had the opportunity to see live performance art, but this would be an artist I would love to see!

Tony Orrico

Tony Orrico is a visual artist, performer, and choreographer. Using his past experiences as a dancer with Shen Wei Dance Arts and Trisha Brown Dance Company he uses his body as a tool to create his art.

He creates remarkable large-scale mock-mathematical drawings with a savant’s focus and a marathoner’s endurance, sometimes drawing for up to four hours continuously.

Some of his pieces are created using just his wrists and other times his whole form to create his massive drawings that are organic and highly precise.

His work has been presented and exhibited worldwide.

See more of his amazing work on his website.

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  1. Wow, he is talented and very original:)

  2. Tony's artwork is so unique! I have never seen this style before!!! I love the circular pieces. ~Val

  3. Very unique and interesting!!

    A true original!!

  4. Wow...what an amazing artist! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Impressive! I wonder, does he draw with both hands simultaneously? If so, that is even more impressive! People rarely are good with both hands, in fact I only know one painter who can draw/paint with both hands at the same time, achieving a mirror image.

  6. This would, indeed, be amazing to see live.

  7. Wow, what an AWESOME artist! Such a creative way to be creative! ;) I love it. And how symmetrical everything looks, too! So cool!


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