Be Inspired - Scary Trees

Words to Inspire

“Friendship is a sheltering tree.”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Idea to Inspire

Take a day and go out to find the scariest tree in your neighborhood. Take pictures and share with everyone.

Photos to Inspire

A little inspiration for Halloween. These Flickr shots of trees have amazing shapes and textures.

Scary Tree
Scary Tree by Ben O.

scary tree
scary tree by k0na

Scary tree
Scary tree by Kallain

Scary Tree
Scary Tree by J-o-h-n---E

Scary Trees
Scary Trees by Grant Se1by
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  1. Very cool shots!

    Trees can have the most interesting shapes to them...great photo ops!!

  2. I love your tree pics!! Very cool idea.

  3. I Love these, especially the second one =D

  4. You remind me of how so very often I forget to take my camera out for walks. Maybe I will use your prompt to get my butt outside!

  5. Love this idea. The pictures gave me the chills!

  6. Those are some pretty creepy looking trees! Great shots!

  7. very awesome tree shots!
    reminds me I gotta upload my hike photos to flickr. we saw a wild tree, the roots were pretty creepy...

  8. What awesome, awesome, awesome trees! The spookiest is probably the first one, but it's got such an interesting look to it I can't really be too freaked out, haha... I also love the second one. So cool!


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