Motivation Monday

                            Source: babaloud.com via Valerie on Pinterest

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  1. Oh, isn't that the greatest of fears? And the hardest to loose... It is indeed, quite a challenge to stop judging ourselves.

  2. How true...we need to try, because you just never know!!

  3. The older I get, the more creative I get because the less fear I have of what others will think and more awareness I have for how I feel! Thanks!

  4. Very true - It does take a lot of confidence to step out and create publicly.

  5. Great quote - and even greater photo! I just love the mis-matched, ransom-note letters. ;) Once my sisters, cousin and I made Halloween cards sort of like that, using cut-out letters from newspapers and magazines, etc to write our messages. It was a lot of fun, haha! :)


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