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I have not had a sale for a couple of weeks, I have been frustrated because I was basically working for free. On Wednesday I found out that I was featured in Etsy Finds post on Etsy Storque on Tuesday. It was my first time and very exciting. It's funny, when you are feeling most frustrated something happens to make you excited about working again.

While trying to get thing going with my Etsy shop I made some plans for big changes in my shop that I am going to work on over the summer. For starters I am going to re-shoot all the pieces in my shop with a new background, rework my tags, and work on the SEO (search engine optimization). Hopefully all this work will pay off for the holiday season.

I also plan to create several new pieces so I can start adding a new piece everyday, with the hope of having between 150 and 175 pieces available in my shop by September.

I hope all the changes will bring my shop to the next level, more sales, features, and maybe even a chance on the Etsy front page.

What are you doing to help increase sales in shop?


Last Sunday I shared information about my new project, if you missed it check out the post My Inspiration.

I shared a couple of links this week, the blog Hearts Expanding and a fun website for creating word clouds called Wordle. Both worth checking out.

Follower News
In the post Check It Out... trixiefishstabber productions wants to start sculpting Fimo Clay and is looking for a tutorial or website with information into the process. If you know of any sites send a link to Trixie.

Creative book of the Week
This weeks book is called Foolsgold:Making Something from Nothing and Freeing your Creative Process. Click on the link on the right side bar to go directly to Amazon.com.

Have a great week!

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  1. I know how you feel about the sales dropping off the moon. Me too. But since I have done the artist interview series on my blog I think I will follow the collective advice; just keep plugging along and sales will come. Your plan sounds good as well, retaking the photos sounds like a big job! Thanks for mentioning my quest for fimo tutorials, let me just repeat: there are lots of great tutorials on making beads, I am looking for fimo sculpting tutorials. Thank You, TF

  2. I was having a fabulous time with online sales and they just stopped a couple of weeks ago. In person are fine but they're obviously not as often. It is disappointing in a way, but I guess we've got to take the good with the bad. Good to hear that you have a strategy though and hey, it can't hurt!!!


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