My Favorite Jewelry Trend

Asymmetrical Necklaces are a hot new trend for Spring/Summer and Fall/ Winter 2010, and the more asymmetrical the better.

Blending chains, charms, leather,with big and small elements creates a strong piece that will be a stand out. Mixing and blending elements goes for earrings and bracelets too!

Pull out all your jewelry and start layering it on for a quick update to your wardrobe.

Here are a few pieces from a variety of Etsy artists.

Sea Spray Necklace by jamiespinello

Pearly Branch Bronze and Ivory Pearl by RubyRougeJewellery

Camilla Upcycled Cameo and Pearls Assemblage by daniellerosebean

Two blue flowers crochet necklace by lottaart

Do you like asymmetrical styles of necklaces or do you prefer symmetrical styles?

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  1. I love symmetry ..actually I prefer wearing "safe" symmetrical accessories.

  2. I love them both, depends on the mood that I'm in.

  3. I like to design and wear asymetrical and symetrical. It's so fun.

  4. Speaking from experience, it is much more difficult to create a pleasing asymmetrical design than a symmetrical one. I really love the verdigris link and rose necklace, the green patina of the metal gives it so much charm.
    I also think people tend to notice an asymmetrical design more than a symmetrical one, perhaps it's a "right brain" - "left brain" thing?
    I'm now following you...wonder how many more years I'll have to blog before I reach 500 followers. :)

  5. What excellent finds! Being a jewelry maker myself I love to try new things and experiment just like these great artists have done :)

  6. Great post! I really love this trend as well! I esp love the third necklace u chose!


  7. I'm loving the asymmetrical style more and more! That sea spray necklace is my fave!

  8. I am more of a symmetrical person, however I have done some asymmetric styles and they've done really well - so I'm leaning to love them more!

  9. This jewelry trend is definitely surprising and unexpected, and I think that’s why it works so well. Paired with the right dress, asymmetrical necklaces can make a huge statement. I think they work best with big pendants and designs matched with an asymmetrically sleeved dress that slants parallel to the necklace.


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