My Inspiration

When I started the Additions collection I did not have an idea about what I wanted to create. One day I went to the hardware store to pick something up and I discovered the washer isle.

After walking around and finding all the different varieties of hardware available I realized I could create jewelry that looks like silver jewelry but at a price that is affordable.

In my process of discovery, I became intrigued by the power of inspiration. I have read several books, and read a lot of information online, but I wanted more.

To further my knowledge I developed The Box of Inspiration: A Look Inside the Creative Process, to learn more about inspiration and how it can influence an artists creation.
It started out simple, I was going to do a short YouTube movie, following how artists create. But as I started talking about the idea it evolved into something more.

I worked out the detail of how I wanted the project to work, and the final product which includes a short documentary DVD, and a book showing the artists process and their final project.

I realized quickly that to make the project worthwhile my limited budget was not going to be enough to get the project off the ground. So, a few of my friends who believed in the project donated money, and then I knew it was going to actually happen.

When I got accepted to Kickstarter.com, I knew I had an opportunity to raise the money I need to get started.

Go to my page at Kickstarter.com and read all about my project, make a donation (it can be as small as a $1), and watch out for future posts about inspiration, I may use your comments in my book.

Thanks! Have a great week.

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  1. sounds pretty cool! ill have to have a good look when i have a moment in the morning!


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