Journal Prompt - Take a Cue from a Child

I used to own an art school a few years back, and we offered classes for adults and children as young as three.

I taught jewelry classes and worked with kids age 7 and up. I loved to teach. I loved the process, and helping people discover their creative side.

Watching the kids in my class was the best part for me, watching them decided what to work with, learning the process, and their excitement over the final product.

Kids are so free when they work. They are not thinking about what anyone will think about their piece, or if they are doing it exactly right, they just create what makes them happy.

It was Annette from Under the Loupe's blog post Watching children create, that inspired this post today.

She shared a story about watching her daughters choosing beads for jewelry she was going to create for them. In her post she expressed her amazement at how they could think outside the box.

Today Take your journal/sketchbook cue from a child.

-Do a series of drawing with your eyes closed,
-create with crayons only,
-if your right handed work with only your left hand only,
-paint a picture and tear it up and then put it back together with your eyes closed.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.

Share your stories of watching children create.

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  1. Wonderfuly post! Thank you for highlighting this aspect of Annette's story. I co-ran a non-profit singing school for teenage girls at one time--already they had lost that child-like wonder of expressing vocally--it was all about "doing it right" and "getting the part." Rediscovering the child-like joy of expression is what led me into jewelry design out of refashioned jewelry! And that has translated to all other parts of my life.

  2. I guess. "wonderfuly post" is it's own creative hybred...

  3. Children can be inspirational! THanks for mentioning me :D

  4. Such a great idea. Kids are so free in so many ways, and they can bring great inspiration to us all. =)


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