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I am so thrilled that Linda from à la modetm agreed to be my first Etsy - Artist to Know!

I am a big fan of her work and own one of her cute purse's. Her work is innovative, unique, and inspiring and today she shares with us the creative side of à la modetm.

First, I’d like to thank Valerie for asking me to be a part of her blog. I’ve been a long time admirer of her work and it is an honor for me to be featured.

When did you first realize you wanted to create? Who or what influenced or inspired you?

I can't recall a time when I realized I wanted to create. I only recall always creating. When I was very small, if I wanted something I'd make it. I remember making a TV for my Barbie doll out of a cardboard jewelry gift box with a pin for the antennae. My mother was very creative and innovative. She taught me to sew, paint, and not be afraid to try new things.

What do you enjoy most about the creative process?

My favorite part of the process is the initial design idea that pops into my head (sometimes at the most inopportune time). I get a mental picture in my head and obsess over it until I figure out how to execute it. Then, I love when the end product comes together.

What do you do when you need a creativity boost?

I hunt...the internet, magazines, nature, stores. I look around and when I least expect it...I'm inspired. I often tell my children, when they become frustrated, to step away from their projects. If I need a boost or I'm having difficulty with something, I walk away. When I come back to it (sometimes in a day, sometimes in a week), the project will come together. I've really learned to trust that instinct over the years.

How did you get started with your online business, and how would you like your business to grow?

My business started serendipitously. I had been decoupaging light switch plates for my own home for many years. In 2005, a friend decided she wanted to host a holiday party and asked her crafty friends if they'd make and sell things for the party. I thought I'd sell light switch plates. About 3 days before the party, she called me and asked if I could make some handbags. I agreed. With my marketing background, I felt I needed to create a logo and business cards. I quickly came up with the name à la modetm and designed marketing materials. My friends couldn't believe how "established" my business was. Little did they know I literally created it overnight. I made lots of sales and took many orders. My business was born and I've not stopped since.

I always knew I wanted my own business but never knew what that business would be. Never in a million years did I think I'd be making bags and decorative switch plates. Now, my business has expanded to the internet and 25+ boutiques across the nation. I continue to go with the momentum and am not sure how I want my business to grow. I've had opportunities for à la modetm to become much bigger than it is. Surprisingly, and difficultly, I've turned those opportunities down. For now, I like that I'm a one woman operation and hope I continue to create what I love and love what I create.

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  1. what a lovely shop and a thorough interview!


  2. The items in this shop are very beautifully constructed. I like how the featured artist boosts creativity - I also like to hunt.

  3. Thank you for the feature, Valerie! And for all the kind words!


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