Creative Business- Preparing for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and it's time to get prepared. I was reading the blog Indie CEO where Linda has posted a great holiday checklist.

Here are a few ideas from her list to get you started:

-Add a "stocking stuffer" to your inventory
-Order supplies
-Build you inventory

-Order materials - boxes, mailers, etc.
-Get a stack of custom forms and delivery confirmation forms

Online Shop
-Prepare your holiday shop announcement
-Change your policy page -update shipping dates, returns, and exchange policy
-Work on your photo's so they are your best

-Order your postcards, thank you cards, and holiday cards
-Decide on any sales you will be offering and put them in your marketing calendar
-Write you holiday blurbs for Twitter, Facebook, etc. so your not always trying to think of something new when you are short on time
-Determine you advertising budget and renewing budget to help you stay on track

This is just a few of the highlights, view the whole list in her post Online Seller, Start your Engines: Are you Ready?

What is one thing you doing to prepare for the holidays?
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