Make a Commitment to Yourself

We make commitments to our significant other, our family, and our community, but rarely to ourselves.

When we set our goals for the year we create a plan of the things we want to achieve, but sometimes we get off track and lose sight of what we wanted to accomplish.

We are only a couple of weeks away from half the year being finished. This is the perfect time to pull out the list of goals you wrote at the beginning of the year and do a 6 month review. 

If you have gotten off track, this is the perfect time to regroup and start the second half of the year with a bang.

One way to get motivated and inspired to stay on track is to write down what you want and make a commitment to yourself.

Making a commitment to oneself is the foundation of success.

Download this simple contract of commitment. Its easy to fill out, just add your name, list your goal / goals, your action steps, and steps you can take to overcome and obstacles, sign and date it and then hang it up so you see it everyday.

Click here to download a copy
Are you ready to make a commitment to the next 6 months? Then download the form fill it out and keep it close to your workspace for motivation and to inspire you to achieve all your goals this year!

Are you on track with your 2014 goals?

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  1. So far my 2014 goals have been to knock more things off the 'local bucket list' and I've been doing a pretty good job this spring. I'm going to get a huge one off the bucket list in August.

  2. Sometimes it's a whole lot easier to commit to something for someone else rather than ourselves. This is a great reminder that we have to remember our goals too. =0)

  3. This sounds like a good idea and would work well for a lot of people. However I'm one of those odd-balls who could never make a New Year's resolution and keep it. We all have heard the proclamations made;
    "This year I'm going to stick to my diet and lose 30 pounds."

    "This year I am going to go to the gym at least 5 to 6 days a week and get myself toned up and trimmed down."

    Then weeks and sometimes just days, later the diet has been ditched and we were lucky to make it to the gym once.
    So I've always been reluctant to set lofty goals or promises or resolutions for myself as it can be a traumatic let-down should I fall short of my goals or miss the mark entirely.


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