Motivation Monday

Listen to the Birds

They link us with nature.
Take the time to observe them.
They manage to survive in our world.
And they do it joyfully.
they provide a gentle soundtrack for our lives.
Listen to their songs.

It's Never Too Late... by Patrick Lindasy

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  1. And I appreciate birds for the most part, except at 4:30 AM when they noisily wake up and subsequently wake me up. I can hear them over the air conditioner!

  2. Beautiful!!! Jim's yard is absolutely beautiful! We sit on the deck to watch and listen to them. There is a songbird who sits on the same tree each day and sings. So sweet. I'm actually starting to learn some of the birds by seeing them but it will take a lot longer to learn the sounds of each type! I just wish they didn't start talking until after 6am. LOL

  3. Aw, thank you for such a lovely post. The song of a bird can be most uplifting and joyful. Just listening to this little Indigo Bunting made me smile. :)
    We have a small oak tree outside of our bedroom and my hubby complains that there is a bird that wakes him up almost every morning around 2 or 3 a.m. For some reason I never hear it so I told him the bird probably has a nest in the tree and she is singing a lullaby to her babies. :) Unfortunately my hubby still does not appreciate this little nightingale's song, lullaby or not. :D

  4. We hung up a bird house this spring and have our first birds nesting! They are tree swallows, and they sound so pretty in the evening outside just hanging around, and we can watch them swoop from our living room window too which is really cool. Great post Valerie! Happy Monday! ♥


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