An Unconventional Idea to Boost Your Creativity

There are so many ideas for giving your creativity a boost, and I have covered many ideas here on Everyday Inspired.

Here is one idea that is not talked about a lot, but will not only help you creatively but also physically.

Listen to your body

It's so easy to override the messages our body send us, like when we are hungry, when we need a break from the computer screen, or need to get some fresh air, but what if we listened to those messages and took the necessary breaks to be more relaxed.

Our body knows best. Listening to its cues will guide us to having a more relaxed mind, therefore being more creative.

Do you listen to your body for cues to take breaks?

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  1. this is a hard one! sometimes I listen, but most times I don't. note to self

  2. Oh definitely. I can feel when I'm coming to the end of my creating stamina for the day. If I don't walk away, I make mistakes.

  3. I hear my body loud and clear and I'm learning to listen to it. It really does make a difference when I turn the computer off, or get up and walk around, or take the time to fix and eat a healthy lunch. I notice I'm more productive when I listen to my body.

  4. I do hear my body...most times its my lower back...that I need to listen to. Exercise keeps me going to do the right things.

  5. It is good advice. We do often tend to ignore our body. When we sit at the computer too long and our back starts to hurt, it is easy to tell ourselves, "Just a few minutes longer and I'll be finished." But really what we need to do is listen and respond.

  6. My body is crazy. It cramps up easily so I always have to get up and stretch or do something else. It can be quite rejuvenating.

  7. I love it when my body tells me I'd rather go for a walk than do work. Or I'd rather go outside and pull weeds! LOL... so glad it's Spring! Yay! :)


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