What If...

Excuses, excuses, excuses, we all have them, and most of the time they are part of our daily activities.  

I am guilty of letting excuses stop me from growing, expanding, or experimenting. I commonly tell myself I will start that when this happens, or I will try that when I have more.... Whatever the excuse is they are holding me back from achieving my goals.

What if we lived our life with zero tolerance for excuses?

Try a whole day with no excuses. Go through your master plan and your to-do list and start working on your action steps not letting any excuse stop you from finishing your task. If it goes well one day, try another, and another, soon it will be a habit.

Think of the sense of accomplishment you will feel after your day of no excuses, not to mention being closer to your goal.

Are your excuses stopping you from reaching your goals?
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  1. Yes...of course they are. But as they say, you're closer to recovery once you recognize the problem.

  2. This is a great reminder to eliminate excuses. They definitely hold us back!

  3. Good rap on the knuckles. I am such a procrastinator!

  4. All too true. I know I need to start a serious exercise program but I've been guilty of always finding some reason not to start it today, I'll wait until Monday or next week or after I finish this project I'm doing . . . and so on and so on.

  5. this is a great post, and I love the image/quote you attached to it. That about sums things up, doesn't it? :) Accept responsibility and take action. So perfect.


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