Monday Motivation

This list is full of great ideas to increase your 
productivity and get you motivated. 

First things I am going to work on is #20 and #40, when I put both into 
action I should be able to get more done during my work day. 

Which items do you need to work on?

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  1. #1 is something that I try to work on everyday. As a teacher, it makes the morning go by so much better when I have things all done the night before.

  2. Eliminate time wasters, i.e., the internet/Facebook! That said I must force myself off here now.....as soon as I check the notification I just got on Facebook. lol

  3. When I am trying to multi-task I set my kitchen timer so I remember to break away and go back... Usually it's batches of soap in the kitchen paired with editing photos, or taking photos for that matter... This is a fun list though, pinning!! ♥

  4. Great manifesto! I always do #3 and feel so much better afterwards :)

  5. I need to do 13 and 50! Things to work on.

  6. I've been stuck in a rut this week. Not feeling motivated at all. So thank you for your Motivation Monday posts. I always feel better after viewing them.


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