Creative Gatherings

There are times when you need an inspirational boost. Being around other creative people is a great way to get motivated and inspired.

A couple of years ago I met with a group of friends that were fellow artists on a regular basis. We tried to meet at least once a month to do an art project and just sit and talk about our current projects.

I created this during one of our gatherings
I miss meeting with them, but I got really busy and it was harder to make the commitment to meet. This year I am going to try to get us all together again and get creative.

Do you ever create with other artists or work in different art mediums?

The best part of meeting as a group is trying different techniques, learning a new medium, and just making the time to do something new.

A paint and paper project
It is easy to start up a group:

• Get together people who are excited about the idea of working in different mediums and creating.

 • Choose the size of your group. It can be as few as 2 - 3 people or a group as large as you have space for.

• Everyone needs to be willing to host a gathering and share an art project.

I was lucky, in my group we had a couple of art teachers and they always had enough supplies for everyone to use. I know that is not the case for everyone. To make it easier for the hostess maybe after each gathering you collect a few dollars for the hostess to get supplies for the next gathering.

This is a paint and chalk project I created
There are so many benefits to participating in this type of group:

~ It stretches your creative muscle
~ Talking with like minded people
~ Motivation to stay creative
~ Help with ideas for a projects you are working on

We can all benefit from working with other artist, and working in different art mediums. As creative business owners we spend a lot of time alone working, and it can be lonely sometimes. Taking a break to meet with fellow artist can be very inspiring and motivating.

Put together a group today!

Do you meet with fellow artist in you area?
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  1. Love the paint and paper project. And groups ARE great. I have a little quilting group (5 people)--but some months we veer off and become a book group (we're all readers, too).

  2. I love both of those projects! I've met with friends off and on over the years. It was always fun and inspiring to see what everyone was working on.

  3. some really lovely paintings! I didn't realize you painted too? I do get together with other beaders, but it takes quite a bit of planning since we all live in different states. But when we do meet it is fantastic with ideas flying!

    1. Cynthia that is really nice of your to think I am a "painter", I just paint for fun and then hide them in my studio :D

  4. These group meetings definitely sound like so much fun. It would be endless idea-bouncing off of one another. =0)

  5. I find inspiration in all kinds of mediums...not just wood. So this would be a really fun idea!

  6. I see that you like to work with color (watercolors too!) and flowers! I did not know this about you! :D I love that first piece, is it up for sale or trade?? ♥

    I have a friend who has a shop downtown that is run by volunteers, and she teaches art classes and finds ways to make fun art out of re-using and recycling materials... I have made it my goal to visit her shop and volunteer more, plus take some of her classes. It's so refreshing to meet with other creative types in person, and even do a project that is normally completely out of your medium.

    This is a great post Valerie!!


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