Motivation Monday

Think about 12 months from now.

What do you want to boast about then 
that you can start working on now?

Great Work Provocations by Michael Bungay Stanier

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  1. Inspiring photo! 12 months from now I see a completely different and exciting life for myself. The plan is to be self employed, living in Florida. I've lived in MA my entire life and don't want to pick up a shovel ever again. :) Many things need to be accomplished before reaching that goal.

  2. Great photo. 12 months from now, when I'm preparing my taxes, I hope to see bigger profits from my Etsy shops, fueled in part by the sale of new products made from scrap fabrics and personalized items. I'm afraid I'll still be working 4 part-time jobs, however.

  3. Great prompt! Hopefully my design business will be up and running by then--and preferably making some money. ;-)

  4. I love that picture! I'll be honest, I usually don't look beyond one week, must less a year from now. Anything past a week is subject to change quickly.


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