Limitless Funds

I have been struggling with my business this month. I am finding it challenging to get my day started, get motivated to work on any of my projects, and investing the time needed to finish up my everyday work.

There are so many things in my business that I wish I did not have to do. If I could get up each day and do a little blogging, creative projects, and design jewelry, I would be one happy lady.

What if you had limitless funds, how would you change your business?

I know I would hire people to do all those things I don't really enjoy, such as accounting, social media updates, and general business projects. This will leave me time to do what I enjoy, and knowing that my business will still keep growing and profiting.

For now I just have to keep myself motivated and put in the time necessary for my business to grow. I have decided to use this idea as motivation to get myself back on track. Tomorrow is a new month and its time to put my plan into action!

What about you, what would you do for your business with limitless funds?
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  1. If I had limitless funds, I would invest it in marketing and let the pros handle it. I seriously am not good and I hate it. I would love to design more jewelry and just take pictures and write about it. I'm good in that. I've enrolled for a course and it starts tomorrow. I'm pumped up to see the new challenges I will have, but yea the month of February looks good now.

  2. Limitless funds! What a concept!
    I would remodel to create a large and workable studio space, and possibly buy a long-arm quilting machine and an industrial sewing machine.
    I would buy more fun fabrics.
    I would by a twining loom for making rag rugs out of scrap fabrics.
    I would hire someone to help with marketing for sure.
    And I would hire someone to help with prep work (making hang tags, cutting out batting, etc.) and shipping.
    I would buy an iPad and a Square so I could take credit card payments at craft fairs.
    And I would donate more items to charity.

  3. Agree. I would hire somebody to manage all of the office-y things so I could be creative all day. And I would probably hire a cook. Haha.

  4. Oh this dream I have often.
    What would I do? I would invest in a killer studio for me, and my hubby (an artist). It would have beautiful views and the perfect set up for each of us to let our creativity take over.
    The stress of paying the bills lifted, I think our days would be so lovely.
    But yes, back to reality. We must plow through.
    It can be tough, discouraging, and frustrating, but it is still worth it in the end.

  5. Limitless funds.....I wish. Like you I'd hire people to do all the stuff I have no desire to do: marketing, promotion, craft fairs, bookkeeping, etc. I'd also get myself a sweet store location too. Just let me make stuff. That's all I want to do.

  6. For some reason hiring people doesn't cross my mind when I think of what I would do if I had limitless funds. I don't know why! To me, if I had limitless funds, my business would change in that, I would have a Brick & Mortar Gift Shop, instead of doing it from home.

    In the real world, I love the idea of running webshops from the privacy of my home, but if I had unlimited funds to have a great boutique in a fantastic location, filled with all the things I dream of...

    Okay yes, I guess I would need to hire people to help me run it then too. LOL


  7. Limitless funds to hire help would be SOOO nice! I've been finishing up my taxes and I'd definitely rather be making something....ugh! I'd also hire a maid!

  8. I've always dreamed of having a brick and mortar shop. That and then a housekeeper because I would be too exhausted to clean house!


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