Work Backwards

Last week we talked about creating a Master List (Wish List) to make goal setting faster and easier. Today is a goal planning process that will help you take those plans you created and make them reality.

Making those goals reality starts by working backwards.

Choose your top goals from the action plan of your master list

Start with one of your big goals and work backwards as if you already achieved your goal.

List three steps it took you to achieve your goal.

List the steps as if you had no obstacles or excuses. 

Do these steps for each of the goals you want to achieve in 2014. 

Now you know what it's going to take to make each goal a reality, and where you have to start. Take each of those three steps you created for each goal and break them down into a more detailed plan.

Work out all the steps involved, keep the details simple, and add your steps to you calendar. 

This process makes it easier to see what you need to do to achieve those big goals on your list. As you achieve those goals your wishes from you master plan will start coming true!

Have you thought  of all the steps involved in achieving your goals?

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  1. very practical advice - and is exactly what it takes to lay out a timeline to achieve that goal!

  2. Good advice. I'll work on this after the Christmas rush subsides---after I've done year-end reports, and while I'm working on New Year's resolutions.

  3. Since all my goals require money, I have to take it week by week. It's too hard to plan b/c something always ends up going wrong and all the plans go sideways.

  4. Very helpful! Working backwards can really make a difference in a thorough plan.

  5. Very good idea, kind of like reverse Psychology. Anyhow one of my goals was to start posting in my blog again for 2014. Happy to say, I decided to "Just do it" and now I am back to blogging once again. One goal already accomplished, now off to tack the others.


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