Motivation Monday

Enjoy the Journey

The crucial thing is life is the journey, not the destination.
Focus on the trip, not the map.
Learn from the setbacks and diversions.
Use them to make yourself stronger and wiser.
Live life moment to moment.
Allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

Now is the time  By Patrick Lindsay

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  1. Beautiful photo ... I love the solitude of walking through the snow like this when all you can hear is the crunch as you walk along

  2. Beautiful --- And I'll try to focus more on the trip and less on the map (to do list, in my case!).

  3. That's probably why I get sad when I finish a project...the journey is so much fun.

  4. A great sentiment! Although I'm not a fan of the snow, that photo is beautiful. I just wouldn't want to have to drive through it.


  5. Wow! So pretty! And great words to go with the photo too.


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