Music Break

Music can calm the soul, and transport you into a peaceful frame of mind.

For a little me time this weekend, create a playlist of relaxing music. Play it when you need a break at home or out running errands to help you relax and enjoy what you are doing.

When creating your list be mindful of the songs you choose, organize the songs from fastest tempo to slowest, and consider starting with lyric songs and ending with classical. The natural progression will assist you in slowing down.

Play this list of music anytime you need a break, or to relax your mind. The more you do it, every time you choose that playlist your mind will automatically start to relax.

What is your favorite song to relax too?

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  1. Fave song? Can't pick just one. Fave band? The Grateful Dead.

  2. I love music. That is why I have a blog series, Music Monday!
    Relaxing music for me is a nature based CD is got with some candles years and years ago. Musical Scents. Cheesy, yes, but relaxing. The candles are long gone, but the music is still there.

  3. I love Pandora radio, I have a favorite station called Celtic Rain. It's soothing and relaxing and it's also mellow enough that I can listen while I'm studying and it doesn't distract me from my reading.


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