4 Keys to Achieving Greater Creativity

Inspiration and creativity are the key to creating art that inspires and excites your customers.

As we all know sometimes it can be a challenge to get and stay inspired all the time, so we can create our best work.

There are many ways to boost your creativity, many discussed here on  Everyday Inspired, but there are four creativity traits that you can adapt to help you create more and stay inspired.

Creativity requires...

Curiosity - Curiosity and creativity are never far apart. You need to be curious to identify problems worth solving, and then to come up with creative solutions.

Risk - Taking - True creativity requires risk. Creativity and risk are intertwined, and to create something you are passionate about and has meaning for you, you have to go outside of the box.

Energy - Energy is about the ability to make something happen. Energy directed into a creative endeavor causes something new, unseen, and different to come into existence.

Patience - Patience helps us find balance. To gain that balance you need to have the patience to fail, the patience to practice, and the patience to perfect.

Are these traits part of your creative process? What is your biggest struggle?

Cultivating these traits will make your creativity soar. Nothing will be able to stop you from becoming a creative powerhouse.

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  1. This post make you think! What I really need to work on is patience. :)

    1. I know what you mean Val, I need to work on patience when I am creating as well.

  2. Being creative has never been a problem for me, what hinders me is the business part . . . the marketing, the promoting, all those time consuming details that get an online shop noticed and one's art (or the products of one's creativity) sold. Perhaps I'm lacking "energy" - I have energy to create things but not to promote them.

  3. The biggest struggle for me is being patient! I have so many ideas and I'm always thinking of what to do next. In all that mayhem, I forget the present!

  4. I really have a hard time pricing my crafts and jewelry. I tend to underprice b/c times are hard and I"d rather make the sale then have to hang onto this inventory.

  5. Sometimes I have a hard time with risk-taking, because it's so easy to use that as a something to hold you back. Taking risks, whether big or small, involves stepping out of your comfort zone, which is definitely needed.


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