Do You Compare Yourself with Others?

It is human nature to compare what we have to what other people have. We just feel better when we have more then someone else, and when we don't, we feel as if we not doing anything right.

I admit it, I compare my work to what other people are doing. I look at Etsy shops and wonder why do they have more sales, why do other blogs get more comments, how come other people get more responses to there social media post, then I do.

I do it more often then I would like, and it's a bad habit that is very hard to change, but one that I am starting to work on.

We compare ourselves to others to gauge our progress and to see where to set the bar in the first place.

There are some easy steps you can take to stop comparing ourselves and our businesses to others:

Recognize that you are comparing yourself and that it's a bad habit you need to change. Once you recognize you are doing it, you can quickly stop and move on. We are all different and do things differently so embrace you methods as the right way.

Realize everyone is different. We all have a way of doing things, and changing what feels comfortable to you to the way someone else is doing something will not give you good results. Don't change because someone said their way is better, always do what works for you.

Don't be afraid to be yourself. Embrace all your quirks and nuances and let them shine. You can never go wrong being an original.

Change what needs to change, because you want to change it. Never let anyone else's ideas dictate how you do things and what makes you comfortable. If it feels right and needs to change go for it, and always strive for the best.

Habits don't change overnight. 
Give yourself time, and 
don't give up.

I have gotten better at accepting the direction my business is going. When I see someone with better results then myself, I just look to see if there is something I can learn from them, and move on.

Comparing ourselves with others is natural. It's what you do once your realize you are doing it that is important.

Do you compare business to other creative businesses?

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  1. I tend to compare myself to others when it comes to where I should be at this point in my life vs. my friends. Like for example, I am renting a house b/c I lost mine in WA when I moved and can't afford to buy one, my credit is trashed and my retirement is all gone w/ no hopes of ever building it back up. My friends all own homes and can afford to take great vacations. All I can do is look at their pictures. Sometimes I have 'crafting envy' when I see what others are making too but I'm pretty happy w/ what I do too.

  2. Comparing myself to others (and coming up short) is a huge problem for me, both personally and in the many jobs I juggle.

  3. This is a pretty important post. My teenage daughter (15 yo) is struggling with comparing herself to the point of anxiety. Lots of discussions at my house. This post is so timely!

  4. Comparing ourselves to others can help us grow and can be a good thing if used the right way. But it can also be harmful if not used in a positive way. I do look at other sellers and compare my business to theirs. But I try to look for ways to grow and make my business better, not look at whether they are doing better than I am.

  5. I used to do a lot of comparing, but my way of thinking has shifted over the years too, from that, to being able to learn from others and know that we all have our own paths of getting there. Now I try to approach it more like market research. LOL. ;) xo.

  6. Great advice! It's so important to be ourselves. :-)

  7. Comparing can be a great growth tool but it can also discourage. Like you say, recognizing this is a great start.


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