Motivation Monday

Make The First Move

Winners have plans.
Losers have excuses.
Take the initiative.
Set the guidelines.
If you wait for someone else to move...
you're playing by their rules.
Be Bold
The risks are higher.
But so are the rewards.

It's Never Too Late by Patrick Lindsay

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  1. Wise words, especially for beginning a new work week. TFS!

  2. Great advice! Now if only I can take it! :)

  3. Thanks for the pep talk. I needed that.

  4. Great quote and what a gorgeous photo!!

  5. I'm trying to practice more 'doing' and less 'dreaming' lately... and your tip about doing things in hour blocks has been helping. I set my kitchen timer and say to myself, Okay I'm just going to work on this for an hour and get what I can done. And what I find, is that I'm just getting something done, but it doesn't feel so daunting if I'm only asking myself to work on it for an hour. :)

    Happy Monday. I'm always learning from you. xo.

  6. Taking the first step and keeping the pace is the most important thing, isn't it. Taking risks though not for everyone but it doesn't hurt us to try, who knows what we'll find.

  7. Stunning photo! As always, what a great way to start the week.


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