Motivation Monday

Use Your Wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to use experiences to gain perspective.
We all have unique experiences.
The trick is to use the knowledge we gain from it:
to see the relationship between things.
Allow yourself to use your experiences.

Now Is the Time by Patrick Lindsay

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  1. I do try to draw upon past experiences for sure.

  2. One of the up sides of being 60---lots of experiences (good and bad) to draw from.

  3. Stunning photo!
    Experiences are our own stories that shape who we are. It's always great to use them. Thank you for this post today!

  4. I always enjoy the photos that you choose for Motivation Monday!

  5. Gorgeous photo ... makes me want to get out and hike!

  6. This is great advice, and oh so true!

  7. Great advice - sometimes I forget to leverage the experiences I've collected when I'm solving problems or confronting challenges.


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