Inspiration for Mother's Day

Mother's Day will be here before you know it, and time to start thinking about what you want to get the Mom's in your family (or maybe for yourself). I have been getting lots of inspiration from Etsy, these Etsy artist have lots to offer, click on their shop links and check them out.

Chamomile French Roses and Lavender Organic Tea by namastea
Embroidered Love Pillow by bluebellsandbunting
Personalized Engraved Wood cutting Board by woodink
Mom Necklace Heart Charm by GlowWish
Green Painted Flower Vase by MichaelDanielMetal
Crochetted Daisy Flower Bag by NzLbags
Body Butter Neapolitan Creamy Body butter by PuraGioia
Teacup Candle by pinkfence
Will you be doing handmade for Mother's Day?

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  1. Nice finds :) I love the teas from namastea!

  2. I have done homemade for her birthday and mothers' day and everything I make sits in closets and drawers.

  3. What fun finds. Love the necklace.
    My mother died in 2005, but I might make little pouches to hold a cash gift for my daughters-in-law.

  4. These are great finds Valerie! My mother likes the pretty glittery cards for Mother's Day, so Hallmark gets my business for that day!

  5. Lovely finds! I love the tea at the top - so pretty and I can imagine that it smells divine!

  6. Mother's Day is always a bit sad for me since my own dear mother passed away.

    To all you children out there who are fortunate enough to still have your mums around, please take a bit of time to remember them. They usually don't need or want a fancy gift, just a phone call, a visit or a sweet card to tell them you love them. Such simple things and yet they can really mean the world to a mother who may seldom see or hear from her children.

  7. What a great mix of items for moms! There is something for everyone.

  8. such great ideas! that last one looks like a splash - until I realized it was a candle! what a cute idea!

  9. i always do at least a handmade card. 2JustByou sent me here, btw.

  10. nice finds!!! I really like the crocheted handbag

  11. I love everything! The cutting board is wonderful. It would be nice to give a customized gift like that which is used frequently.


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