Money Talk

Making money, is the ultimate goal. We may be creating and selling our creations as a hobby for extra pocket money, or we may be working our business to support ourselves. Whatever the reason, we set monetary goals to inspire us to keep moving forward and making money.

I know for myself, I always set goals with a plan to have an increase over the previous year. Sometimes I make the number and sometimes I don't. I know if I did a few things differently, or worked a little harder I could do better at meeting my goals.

Ask yourself this:
What has been stopping me from meeting my monetary goals?

Making a list of what is holding you back is a great way to see the areas you need to work on, and what needs to change.

While you are working on this list, it's also the perfect time of year to look over your goals and make sure you are on track to make your monetary goals. That way if you need to make some changes, now is a great time. There is still a lot of time for adjustments, for you to meet your yearly goal.

When was the last time you thought about your monetary goals?

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  1. I think about monetary goals all the time, perhaps too often, because when I'm behind where I want to be, I tend to try new things, thinking something new will boost my business. Sometimes it's true, I find something great that goes well with what I'm doing and it increases my overall profits for the year, but the down side is that I find myself so busy trying all these fun new ideas, that I end up putting the main part of my business on the back burner for a while... (which I really need to stop doing!) I've learned that if I just focus on what I'm already doing, and look at things from the perspective of what I'm good at, and what's not working... it's easier for me to fine tune. But you know me, I am like a pendulum swing, on again off again. Who knows what next week will bring! :D

  2. I don't dare think about the goals b/c things seem to change out of nowhere, which blows my budget all to hell.