Motivation Monday

                         Source: kkart.deviantart.com via Angela on Pinterest

Be a Mentor

This can bring unexpected benefits:
You pass on your hard-won skills and wisdom,
you become a conduit for wisdom.
You light the way for another.
In return, you see life through different eyes,
And, usually, you'll learn more then you'll teach.

Now Is The Time by Patrick Lindsay

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  1. I wish that I could have hooked up w/ Russell 10 years ago b/c I would have loved to have been a mentor to his kids. Now they are in their early 20s and have their own lives. :( Although his daughter's boyfriend seems to have 'adopted' me as the mother he's never had.

  2. I love the use of trees in relationship to mentorship. Trees are such strong representatives of life. The reach of the branches, the stability of the roots, and the flexibility to change with the seasons. The image of these trees also demonstrate equality but also uniqueness. All in important qualities in a mentoring relationship.

    Thank you for this lovely image to carry throughout my day!

  3. Yes! I'm a mentor. I actually mentor middle-school aged children. I really enjoy it. I love that age in kids. I love seeing how they transform into young children into young adults. It's such an interesting time in their life. Then they turn 15 and they suck all over again.

  4. Mentors are awesome :)

    All my kids did that in High
    School :)


    Cheers, T. :)

  5. I am in love with the photo! I am also thinking that being a mentor is easy for parents. On the other hand mentoring is not for everyone, so it should be approached with the utmost responsibility!


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