Motivation Monday

Enjoy the Journey

The crucial thing is life is the journey, not the destination.
Focus on the trip, not the map.
Learn from the setbacks and diversions. 
Use them to make yourself stronger and wiser.
Live life moment to moment.
Allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

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  1. I do try to enjoy the journey when I'm creating. I kinda get sad when my projects come to an end.

  2. Always good advice to keep in mind :) Abby

  3. That's so true and so hard to remember- to stop focusing on where you are trying to get but to enjoy getting there!

  4. Boy, this one is hard sometimes! It's good to have the reminder.
    Hope you're enjoying the long weekend!

  5. This ranks right up along-side of "Take time to stop and smell the roses".
    Sometimes I wonder why we humans are always in such a big hurry. I think we have all had a car go speeding past us, only to beat us to the stop-light. ;)


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