DIY Friday - Book Art

I have confessed this before, I am a bookoholic. I love to read books, listen to book, and buy books, but I have never thought to use them to create things. I found several amazing ideas for using old books to create cool things for your home, that are easy and fun.

Create a shelf with books

                               Source: tumblr.com via Diana on Pinterest

Book pages wreath
Book pages shape
Book Planters
Book Clock
Book Page Mirror
Book Art
What have you created using old books?
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  1. Love the clock and the single shelf! I have to admit, this is the only way books would get used at my house...LOL :)

  2. So cool! Love the pumkpin - had to pin it!

  3. *pumpkin - not enough coffee yet this morning!! :-)

  4. I have a couple old books that I'd like to alter. I started doing one once when I still lived in Washington and my now ex-h was so horrified that I was about to glue and cut into a book that he admonished me and I never went back to the project. :(

  5. I have a friend who does the book art and she comes up with some pretty incredible ideas. I kind of like the clock idea!

  6. Love the shelf idea, in fact I've made one in our guest room! Amazing how people come up with such beautiful art!

  7. As cute as those are, I just don't think I could bear tearing the pages of any book, loved or not! I admire other's work, but know it's just not the medium for me:)

  8. I have been admiring those "book" shelves on Pinterest and elsewhere too! I LOVE reading, but like Nancy I'm not sure I could alter them. Sometimes I just sit and admire the books neatly lined up in our home library :)

  9. I just found your blog and I love this, particularly the book clock. However, being an asthmatic booklover, my books have to stay behind glass doors, sometimes (old and crumply books) under plastic covers. But I know others love the smell of old books. On the other hand, a lot of those people would think it sacrilige to cut up an old book.

    I will explore your blog more!


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