Random Supplies

When I go shopping for new hardware I am like a kid in the candy store. I dig through the boxes and my creative mind goes into overdrive.

my recycle center
Buying hardware by the pound means that everything I see and love goes in the bag. I realized the other day while I was cleaning up my studio in preparation for the busy holiday season, I have lots of things that I loved when I saw it but once I got it home could not figure out how to make it work.

some hardware on standby waiting for a creative spark
I'm sure that as time goes on, one day I will find a use for all the random hardware I have purchased. Sometimes I just need to see it 2, 3, or maybe 4 times before the ideas start clicking.

Have you ever purchased things you have never used?
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  1. I know what you mean; I used to be impatient to use them up, but it's better to wait for inspiration. Yes, many things not yet used.

  2. I hear ya! I have boxes and boxes of random supplies still waiting for the perfect project. But it's fun to look through them and find new inspiration from old supplies :)

  3. the shot of the recycle center has me very very jealous!

  4. I love how organic your creative process is: how you build ideas strictly from looking at and experimenting with your materials.

  5. Hardware. Never in a million years would I have thought of hardware as potential craft supplies! Wow...a whole new world has opened for me.

  6. I'm that way with fabric. I figure if I like it when I buy it, I'll figure out what to do with it eventually!

  7. Haha... sounds like we are all this way with some things. I have tons of jewelry supplies that I've saved for quite a while because I'm still waiting for the right idea to come along. Sometimes it's helpful to set ideas (and supplies) aside and come back to them later... Kinda like a puzzle. Walk away from it for a while, come back, and you find a new piece that fits! :)

  8. I think that all artists have things that they've purchased but never used. I am jealous of your recycling center!


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