Vacation Journal

Next time your on vacation or even a day trip don't forget your journal. Try to take a few minutes everyday and jot down your thoughts of the the day, the places that you visited, inspiring things that you saw, and any new ideas.

Traveling is a great time to let your mind relax and open up to new ideas. All the new sites, sounds, and smells will inspire you.

Not into writing, then try a photo journal instead. Take lots of pictures of inspiring sites, and keep a small note book with the ideas that were inspired by the picture. When you get home you can organize them to have as a future reference.

Do you journal when you are on vacation?

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  1. Most of my vacations happen because of photography, so yes, I photograph a lot! A bit excessively, in fact :D

  2. I always try to journal when I'm on vacation. Otherwise I get home and I've forgotten everything! That's why I love scrapbooking so much...help my memory :)

  3. Typically I don't journal when I'm on vacation, but I do take a lot of photos!

  4. YES! I totally journal on vacation. I used to put it in my regular journal but then I found one just for trips so I was using that for awhile. Now I mostly use my blog to chronicle my trips b/c I type faster than I write with less cramping in my hand.

  5. I started writing during on vacations when I took my first overseas trip. I was keeping track of all my finances and just started writing down my experiences. When I went to Europe last summer I made a point to write down about everyday.


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