DIY Friday - Frames

Save your families memories in a beautiful frame that you can personalize to your decor. With these DIY ideas you can create your own one of a kind frames.

Lentil Frames
Moss Frame
Mod Podge Frames
Nautical Frame
Bean Frames

Have you created your own frames before?
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  1. Very cool! Loving the moss and the beans - very neat looking textural finished product.

  2. Yes, I've tried now and then, making seasonal frames :)

  3. The lentils are very interesting. I love the color and texture they create!

  4. Yes I've done a few frames in my day! What a great idea to use dried legumes though. Never thought of that.

  5. Great round up! I love the mix of materials here. I have decorated my own frames before, but it's been a while. I bought some plain ones at Michaels on sale before Mother's Day. Maybe this will inspire me to work on them!

  6. I've done up a few frames before. Some material used was hardware, fabric, dried flowers, tiles, and more. It's nice to suit the material to the person or item in the frame. TFS!


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