How do you Define Success

As I look back at the first half of the year, things have really changed for my business. One of my goals for this year is to build the brand of my Additions jewelry collection and get more sales.

I spent a lot of time changing all my tags and titles for every items in my shop, and since the beginning of the year my Etsy sales have doubled each month compared to what I did last year.

When I made the plan to grow my business, I decided to do more art/craft shows. I mentioned before that doing shows is a challenge for me because I had surgery on both of my knees, but I decided I wanted to make more money so I have add a show to my schedule every month.

My shows have been going well, and with my show income and my etsy income, business is looking good.

Last month I added a couple big projects to my plate. I had an order for 60 necklaces for a non-profit organization, that took almost 2 weeks to complete. I was so happy when they were done and I was able to ship them out! I recently found out that Willy Mays, Bill Clinton, and Michael Reagan were each be given one of the necklaces.

I made 60 of these 
I am also working with a national company that is including three of my pieces on their website and in their catalog. Their first order will be for over 400 pieces. I am so happy to have my daughter helping me this summer.

As a member of The Artisan Group I had the opportunity to include a piece of my jewelry in a gift basket for American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, and Nia Peeples a star on Pretty Little Liars. It was fun to create pieces for both these lovey ladies.

Jordin Sparks
Nia Peeples
Things are moving and shaking with my business these days. When I talk with friends they always express how happy they are that my business is successful.  It's still hard for me to think of my business as successful.  I still spend my days worring about having Etsy sales, and when things slow down I freak out a little.

I realized that I need to create a list of how I define success to help me put things in perspective.

My sister and I are going on vacation tomorrow. We are driving to Colorado and checking out galleries in a variety of cities across the state. During this trip I am going to work on my success list. So as I start crossing things off my list, it will help me appreciate the success my business is experiencing.

Do you have a list of how you define success for your business? 

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  1. Oh! Ouch! Why don't I still have that list? I have to make it to see things in perspective.

    I've been working on my tags and titles like crazy but still see no difference. It seems though that you know what you are doing and I am so happy for your success! With such an amount of orders you surely are satisfied with your endeavors!

    That necklace seems unearthly! You are my hero!

  2. Interesting reading. Love the necklace!

  3. Congratulations on the success of your biz!!! I think I've mentioned before that I am so frightened of rejection that I'm not doing anything to promote my jewelry. I called one shop that rents shelf space to artists and everything was going great w/ my call till she asked what I was selling and when I said 'jewelry' she said, 'oh we have too much of that. no thanks.' I was so crushed that I just can't move forward.

  4. The name of your blog is appropriate because I am always inspired by your success.

    I will be waiting for you to return with that list!

    Have a great road trip!

  5. Have a great vacation!

    Hmm - I've been thinking about this. I have decided what one defines for themselves as success is extremely relative For example, I had a solo art show last year - I felt "successful"! Then, unfortunately, I have been very ill this year and have been able to do little to promote my art business and not a lot has happened with it lately. Now I am struggling with feeling "unsuccessful" as an artist, even though I am still the same exact person I was a year ago when my art was really taking off. I think it is high time I redefine success for myself - maybe just to keep pursuing my art and not giving up even when I'm not feeling well.

  6. You are inspiring! Have a fun road trip!

  7. Congratulations Valerie! Reading all that you have done, I certainly think that you are very successful!

    Have a wonderful trip and enjoy crossing off that list!!

  8. Congrats on all of your opportunities this year! It's great that your Etsy improvements are paying off and that business is going well elsewhere, too. Getting a few big orders like that in a year can make all the difference for a business.

  9. Big CONGRATS on your projects and sales! All of your dedication is paying off. Have a fabulous and safe trip, too.

  10. It is wondeful to read how well your business is doing Valerie. Getting the exposure with these recipients will help increase sales too. Maybe Mr. Clinton will give Chelsea the necklace and all her girlfriends will want one! Enjoy your trip in Colorado. It sounds like a perfect time to revise your list and fresh.


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