Spring Clean your Business

It's the beginning of April, and Spring is starting with a bang. April is the perfect time to do a little Spring cleaning in you business, and to try some new ideas.

Here are some links to get you started:

How to Write an Evergreen Blog Post
How to Ethically & Successfully Pitch to Blogs
Better Blogging Kickstart

Building Your Creative Business Brand
20 Ways to Boost Sales in Your Etsy Shop
Creative Business Quick Tip

Social Media
It"s So Pinteresting! Etiquette for Etsy Sellers
Using Pinterest - 6 Tips and Tools for Pinterest Lovers
How to Build a Twitter Following

Offline Marketing
Why You Should Sell at Craft Fairs
15 Tips to Increase Your Craft Show Sales
How to Network Offline: Increase Online Sales in Five Easy Steps

There are lots of ideas for recharging your business for Spring. Check out a few of these posts to get you started.

Do you do any Spring Cleaning for your business?
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  1. Great resources Valerie! I'm off to read about half of them!

  2. I need some serious spring cleaning. I've been slowly working on it since 2012 hit.

  3. Thanks for the resources! I am working on my week's organization plan so this fits right in!

  4. This is great! Thanks so much, bookmarking this!

  5. Ooo now you've given me more reading to do! Always lots of good ideas here!

  6. So much to do! I am loving Pinterest. It is amazing how you can post something from your shop and a number of strangers re-pins that item! It is such a fun place to bring traffic to you webstore.

  7. Lol, this is great! It's exactly what I'm in the middle of right now! Spring cleaning my shop! Reworking listings, dumping products that aren't doing well, focusing on ones that I love... :) I'll definitely have to come back and look at some of those links... once I get caught up on my blog reading. ;) Thanks Valerie!


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