Be Inspired - My Favorites

Words to Inspire - My favorite quote.

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” 
Pamela Vaull Starr

Idea to Inspire

When I need inspiration I always start with books. I pull out a variety of different styles and mediums, and just page through books with my sketchbook. Even when I need ideas for my blog I refer to my books for ideas. Sometimes just one word can be the start of a blog post. Next time you need a little inspiration pull out some of your favorite books and let the visuals spark a new idea.

Photos to Inspires

I don't know if you noticed a theme in the photos I feature in the Be Inspired posts, but I am obsessed with texture and shape. Today's collection of photos from Pinterest are some of my current favorites for inspiration.

Source: flickr.com via Valerie on Pinterest

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  1. Excellent quote! (mind if I share that?)
    and what excellent picutres!
    I am drawn to texture too, in paintings and photos and well any medium really.

  2. Gorgeous! I'm really digging that building!! Imagine figuring out how to build something like that!

  3. I love these pics. Texture and colour are my biggest inspiration for my artwork and that first picture may have to be more closely looked at! x Julie

  4. Texture, shape and COLOR! I love your choices and really appreciate you sharing your process with us!

  5. These are such great designs. I should get these themes for my room. Thanks for sharing.


  6. These photos are so inspiring. The coral is fascinating!

  7. I love the first photo, the color is amazing! I'm going to run that picture through the color matching program and use that as an inpiration for a new jewelry design. Thanks For Sharing!

    Lori in Atlanta

  8. Wow, some of those photos are totally gorgeous. That first one is amazing as is the swirly rainbow one. :) I love flipping through craft magazines for inspiration, it always gets me excited to get started, and sparks new ideas that just feed off of one another! :)

  9. I always love the textures and shapes you find to feature...and the colors, too! :D That first photo is really, really neat; and like Mom, I think the swirly rainbow is lovely, too. :) Great finds, Valerie, thanks for sharing your favorites!

  10. Please note that the bubble coral image on this page is my copyrighted photo and has been used without permission, which is an infringement on my copyright. Pinterest has already removed my image from the "Valerie" link and many others, pursuant to a DMCA notice. I would appreciate your removing it from this page as well. Thank you in advance for taking care of this promptly.


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