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Words to Inspire

“One that would have the fruit must climb the tree.”
 Thomas Fuller

Idea to Inspire

Enjoy a piece of your favorite fruit, and let the color, texture, and smell inspire your artwork today.

Photos to Inspire

One of my favorite things about Spring is all the veggies and fruit you can find at the farmers market. Fruit come in amazing colors and textures, today's collection from Pinterest showcases the beauty of fruit.

Source: weheartit.com via Iron on Pinterest

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  1. Gorgeous! Makes me want to run out to the Farmers Market this weekend!

  2. Beautiful - that grapefruit. Gorgeous!


  3. Those are some truly lovely photos!! That grapefruit one especially is amazing.

  4. Mmmmm, my mouth started watering when I saw that raspberry... delish! Great photo finds, those colors would brighten up anyone's day! :)

  5. Yay! I love fresh fruits & veggies in the summer, I can't wait!!

  6. Oh I can't wait to visit the Farmer's Market. Great photos! Great post.

  7. Mm, it all looks so darn yummy! I just love the raspberry photo. :) And the pear shot is so gorgeously simple! :D


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