Your Creative Spark

Spring is in the air, and soon their will be buds on the trees, flowers popping through the soil, and everything turning a little greener.

Springtime is perfect for igniting your creative spirit.

Try these simple ideas to inspire your creative spirit

♥ Take out old supplies and give them new life

◘ Learn a new medium

► Try a new technique

♦ Use colors you normally don't try

• Create a new collection

Now is the time to get past your obstacles and your fear of something new. Like spring, our creative spirit is waiting to break free and flower into something beautiful.

How are you going to inspire your creative spirit this Spring?

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  1. I am so excited about spring. My crocuses popped up yesterday!

  2. love spring, the warmer weather is SO welcome to me.
    I will be pulling out some old supplies and finally using them. That sort of goes along with the 'spring cleaning' I am gearing up for.

  3. Spring is a great time to get inspired. I'm going to be using some really vibrant colors in my samples this Spring!

  4. Spring gets me moving, it's something about all of that fresh air. It motivates and inspires me to create, some days in my studio... on others in the garden. :) I do love learning new techniques quite often, keeps things lively! :)


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