Simple Pleasures

It's important to take time to yourself and enjoy the simple pleasures in your life.

Yesterday we had a wonderfully warm day here in the Chicagoland area. I decided I need a break from all the new projects I have taken on lately, so I took out the lounge chairs from the garage put them on my deck and sat with a glass of wine and listened to the birds sing in the trees for an hour or so. It was wonderful!

We get so caught up in our busy days we forget to take some time just to sit back and enjoy a little quite time

Need some ideas to get you started:

Watch some children playing
Take a long walk
Sit by a pond and feed the ducks
Take a drive to your favorite spot
Relax in a park and people watch
Have a cup of tea and gaze out a window

The list could go on and on, you just have to choose something that is perfect for you. Even when life is crazy carving out some time in your busy day could be all you need to renew your energy.

What have you done for yourself lately?

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  1. I went for a nice walk this morning, I try to do that everyday to clear my head.
    Yesterday, I treated myself to a cat-nap. About 30 minutes and I was up and raring to go again.

    Maybe tomorrow, I will go to the Lake across the main road and feed the ducks. I have never gone there to just sit, so that would be a treat.

  2. The weather has been amazing. We've been walking every day this week. I haven't felt this relaxed and happy since the walking stopped over the winter. Hooray for the warmth coming back!!

  3. That sounds like a lovely way to spend an hour Valerie, makes me feel relaxed just reading about it. Communing with nature has a way of bringing balance back, in a quiet, and peaceful way. :)

  4. Oh my, that sounds like heaven! I've been trying to get M. to go to lowes so we can scout out some patio furniture for this spring;)

  5. Today I made muffins! And I went outside and wandered around the yard with my dog for a bit, while the rain had stopped... I can't wait till we get some nice days around here!!

  6. All great ideas, Valerie! Although I do take long walks when I get back home I work even harder...

  7. A glass of wine and chirping birds sounds so relaxing!
    I'm hoping to find plenty of time to relax this weekend :)

  8. It's definitely important to take time for yourself. I usually spend some time every day reading, and it's wonderful! :D

    It sounds like you had a relaxing day, I hope you enjoyed it! Hugs! <3


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