Creativity Boost

People find it hard to answer questions about themselves and their creative life.  But when we need too, we don't really think about our answers because we already know what were going to say.

Unusual questions make your mind switch gears and reveal something you never knew about yourself and your creative work. This creative exercise will make your brain have to think differently opening you up to a discovering a boost of creativity.

This exercise is really simple:
Answer the question below. Answer them fairly quickly. Some may seem ridiculous, but take them seriously. They will get your mind thinking differently and you creative juices flowing.

1. You've discovered you have a new superpower. What is it? How would you use it?

2. You've been asked to describe your favorite color to someone who has been blind since birth. What would you tell them.

3. You discover a door to a secret room in your house. What in it?

4. You wake up naked in a hardware store. What do you use for clothes? And how do you explain your predicament?

5. You have the opportunity to visit yourself as a child, but you can only tell yourself one fact about your life or one piece of advice. What would it be?

Have fun with the questions. Let your creative juices flow.

What question inspires you?

This exercise is from the book Unstuck by Noah Scalin
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  1. What great questions. I love number 1. It would be really cool to be able to make people feel happy. The world would just be a better place if I could just have that 1 superpower!

    Yes, this snow is terrible. I can not imagine winter being worse than last year but these early snow falls do not seem like a good omen! ~Val

  2. Great post! My instant answers had me laughing the whole time. I guess at heart I'm just a creative silly person. They all inspired, but describing a color was challenging. I like a good challenge.

  3. Wow..those questions really will get some creative answers out of you!

  4. Oh, yikes! Such difficult questions! I've actually thought about #2 before. I don't think it'd really be possible to get a blind person to picture a color, but if I were to describe blue I suppose I'd call it a cool, soft color. :) And I'd love to find a secret room full of old journals, letters and books! Aah, heaven! <3

  5. Great post! Question #2 has me totally stumped though :-)


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