Be Inspired - Copper

Words to Inspire

"Quit waiting for everything to be perfect. You have everything you need right now."

Idea to Inspire

Work with some metal today. The rich color of copper will add a nice warm glow to your art work.

Photo to Inspire

Enjoy the warm glow of copper, from these Flickr photographers.

copper wrap
Copper wrap by dbwilldo

copper stack 3
copper stack 3 by Vagabond jewelry (kest)

Copper roof
Copper roof by digikuva

Copper Oxide, Oxidised Copper Metal Texture
Copper Oxide, oxidised Copper Metal Texture by Steve Greaves

Copper fittings
Copper fittings by ahisgett
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  1. Nice copper finds! I love the first one; there's just something about wrapped wire I adore. :)

  2. I love copper...there is such a warmth in the colors that are present in it.

  3. Copper!!!! drool... silver and gold are highly over rated, give me brass, bronze and copper and I'm happy!

  4. I love that quotation. I really need to remember that!

  5. I love the warm color of copper. My uncle used to etch whole pictures and images of saints on copper plates. It is such a soft and pleasant material.

    Also, I love the quote. I need it often because I forget that I have everything I need right now!


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