Motivation Monday

Working alone on your business can be a challenge. Sometimes great things happen that you want to share.

 We all want and deserve praise for the successes we have in our business

I recently was accepted to be a guest blogger on the Handmadeology website. I am so excited, this is a great opportunity for me and my business. Sharing the news with my sister, my business and creative confident, made hearing that news even more thrilling . 

Getting her positive feedback and praise made me want to work harder and find more opportunities. I hope to find more guest blogger opportunities soon.

Pulling together a group of business and creative confidants to share your goals and successes with will keep you motivated to keep seeking new opportunities. 

Do you have your own circle of business and creative confidants that praise you often?

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  1. As ever great post!!! My sister and best friends are very invölved and suppörtive of my ventures and their input means the world to me. I feel very impowered and motivated because i trust their honesty! keep well talk soon.

  2. I too am fortunate to have a very supportive sister and a circle of crafty friends to share success with, keep on motivating!

  3. Ooh, congratulations! That's exciting; Handmadeology's a pretty big site for Etsians. :) You must be ecstatic!

    And yes, I do have a circle of friends who encourage me... I call them my bloggy friends, and I know I've mentioned them numerous times in my comments on your blog, haha! But I get a lot of encouragement and motivation through my blog, and when I share exciting news about my writing they support me and cheer me on. Very fun, especially since I've never met any of them! Then, of course, whenever I tell a family member some news or info they'll encourage me. I'm lucky enough to have pretty great people surrounding me. <3

  4. Wonderful news, congratulations. Yes it truly does help to have someone you can share your ups and downs with ... hopefully mostly ups. :)
    And it also helps to have someone you discuss your dreams and aspirations with ... someone who is understanding and supportive. Hurray and yea for family and friends like that. :)

  5. Congratulations!

    By the way, I am a contributor to Handmadeology too! I like writing for other websites because that helps me focus even more on my writing/business goals, and to cultivate even better habits.


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