Motivation Monday

As the holiday season approaches it's time to start working on what's important to help you meet your seasonal goal.

Daily we spend time on certain tasks to help our business succeed. Ask yourself:  Are you doing tasks that will help you meet your goal? Are you getting everything done you need to get done daily?

I know I have been spreading myself around lately, and not getting good results. Recently I decided what was really important to me, achieving my goal of 100 sales in 100 days.

I created a list of all the tasks I need to do daily and action steps to keep me on track. My plan includes one challenging task and three practical tasks so I can achieve success daily. My printable to-do-list is going to help me stay on task everyday.

I have other projects I need to work on as well, but I am going to work on them using the 15 minute plan. Incorporating this plan will leave me the bulk of my day for creating new items and marketing my Etsy shop.

Want to be really motivated and see an increase in productivity? Decide what main goal you want accomplish this season and then make a plan. If you give it all you've got, success will be easy to achieve.

Do you have a one goal you want to reach this season?

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  1. Such wonderful tips, thank you for sharing:) I have only one goal - to be happy every day:):)

  2. Oh, ask me about spreading myself...

    I have been having terrible internet issues in the past 3 weeks which has influenced everything I do plus I really feel stressed out. I rely on the Internet for all kinds of information, let alone etsy, blogging, socializing... So, i am really wondering how I can motivate myself and moreover, how can I achieve my goals...

    Thank God for free wireless downtown!

  3. Haha, yep, I've got a goal - November is National Novel Writing Month, and I plan to write a 50,000 word novel between Nov.1 and Nov.30. Yikes, must prepare myself! Wish me luck! ;)

    How has your 100 sales/100 days challenge been going?

  4. Great tips!! I love the idea of setting a time limit to do things...I do that sometimes and it really helps you stay focused. :-)

  5. I'm planning to reopen my Etsy shop this week and my goal is to list new items weekly. I guess I should think about that more and make it more specific. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Good luck Taylor!

    My goal is to get rid of my credit card debt. I did some math and got excited when I discovered that if I sell only 2 maps per month, I can get my largest card paid off in only 6 months!


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